About Findicator

What, why and who?

Findicator is an interesting collection of indicators on social progress in a user-friendly form. The service has been set up together with users and information providers and it brings together statistics and indicators that are already available in different formats.

The service is targeted at everyone needing up-to-date, reliable information on social progress in their work or other activities: decision makers, public servants, specialists, teachers, journalists, citizens. The indicators have been selected in consultation with user groups and data providers. The set of indicators will be updated as appropriate.

Findicator was opened in 2009 and has been widely used ever since.

Selection of indicators

The process of selecting the indicators went through four phases:

  1. Survey of national and international sets of indicators and identification of the most common indicators:
    When Findicator was in the planning stage, a number of national and international sets of indicators measuring social or sustainable development were examined. This analysis resulted in a list of some 100 indicators for social progress, and these were then grouped according to theme.
  2. Consultation with potential users:
    The indicator list was further defined on the basis of feedback received from 15 individuals working in close contact with political decision making (including Members of Parliament, their assistants, public servants from parliamentary group offices, information specialists, etc).
  3. Consultation with experts:
    Experts from a variety of ministries and branches of government along with researchers and contacts from statistics providers were asked to comment on the list as modified on the basis of user requests. Sources and their ability to make data available for the service were also looked into.
  4. Content production:
    The list of indicators served as the basis for the online service. As the process of compiling the statistics got under way, the indicator set was further refined according to the actual availability of data.

Technical infrastructure

Efforts have been made to ensure that the technical infrastructure of the service is as user-friendly as possible. The service allows users to download tables, graphs and text onto their own computers for further use.

The service is based on solutions enabling automatic updates directly from the StatFin database maintained by Statistics Finland. Graphs have been tailored for each indicator so that they meet the best practice requirements for statistical graphics and are of a high technical quality.

For further information on the technical solutions, please contact findikaattori@tilastokeskus.fi.

Use of data and reference to the service

All images and tables can be freely used and distributed. When referring to data from this service, the users must cite the service (Findicator) and the organisation that produced the statistical information in question as their sources.

Content providers

Below is a list of organisations providing data for Findicator. Their experts also contributed to the development of the service content.

You can add a banner for the Findicator service on your website. The banner can be saved from here.