Military service 

Updated: 19.3.2018 - Next update: 22.3.2019

Defence Command, J1 Personnel Division

Description of indicator

According to the Conscription Act, every male Finnish citizen is liable for military service from the beginning of the year in which he turns 18 years of age, until the end of the year in which he turns 60. Fulfilment of military service includes service as a conscript, participation in reservist training, extra service, and service during mobilisation, in addition to participation in call-ups and examinations assessing fitness for military service.

According to the Act on Voluntary Military Service for Women, upon application a woman can be accepted for voluntary military service corresponding to conscript service if, when entering service, she 1) is a Finnish citizen; 2) has turned 18 but not 30 years of age; and 3) is fit for military service in terms of her health and other personal characteristics.

If, within 45 days of the date of entering service, a woman performing military service announces that she will not continue to do so, she must be discharged from service immediately. In addition, during the 45 days referred to above, the detachment commander may cancel an assignment to military service on the basis of an injury, illness, apparent unsuitability or another, similar reason.

The number of those interrupting military service includes conscripts who have opted for unarmed service or whose service has been interrupted due to a change in the fitness for service status. It also includes women who have announced within 45 days of the date of entering service that they will not continue in service.