Size of household-dwelling units

Updated: 20 May 2021
Next update: 20 May 2022

A household-dwelling unit consists of the permanent occupants of a dwelling. Persons who according to the Population Information System of the Population Register Centre are institutionalised, or are homeless, or are abroad, or are registered as unknown, do not constitute household-dwelling units.

More than one household may belong to the same household-dwelling unit. A household is formed of all those persons who live together and have meals together or otherwise use their income together.


Over half a million persons aged 30 to 64 are living alone

According to Statistics Finland, the number of persons living alone increased further, 33,000 more were living alone in 2020 than in the year before. There are already over half a million working-age persons aged 30 to 64 living alone and they are the largest age group living alone. Over the past five years, the number of persons living alone has increased every year in nearly all age groups. Living alone has grown more common especially among those aged under 30.