Value added of culture

Updated: 7 Oct 2020
Next update: 7 Oct 2021

The share of culture in gross value added describes the direct economic significance of the industries of culture and the mass media. The data derive from a separate calculation carried out in the framework of Statistics Finland’s system of national accounts, the so-called Culture Satellite Accounts. The calculation includes 58 industries that are regarded to be partly or wholly cultural.


Share of culture in the economy decreased slightly in 2018

According to the latest calculations of the culture satellite, the share of culture in the economy has decreased slightly compared to the previous year, that is, the share in GDP was 3.3 per cent in 2018 (3.4 per cent in 2017). The calculations are compiled at such a long delay because they are done only when the calculations of the National Accounts have been compiled at the most detailed level. The figures published in autumn 2019 took into account both the time series revision made at that time and the industry change of some enterprises in the games industry, and the calculations compiled now continue this time series.

Changes have been made to the latest calculations concerning the classification of cultural consumption: the previous consumption categories named by industry groups have been abandoned and a separate classification has been compiled for consumption. In practice, the changes are not significant in any way, some empty categories were removed, and the remaining categories were renamed while the content mainly remained unchanged. At the same time, the classification called ECOICOP, which harmonises households’ consumption expenditure to a more detailed level and was introduced in the time series revision in autumn 2019, was included in the calculations. This changed the level of consumption expenditure by some tens of millions of euros in some years, but it did not affect the overall picture, that is, the share of culture in consumption expenditure remained unchanged.

According to the culture satellite, both output and value added accounted for 3.3 per cent of GDP in 2018. Both cultural output and value added grew slightly at current prices but as GDP grew clearly more, the share of culture decreased. Value added grew particularly in the industries of motion pictures, videos and computer games, and in artistic, theatre and concert activities. Value added decreased most in radio and television activities and in amusement parks and other entertainment and recreation activities.