Cultural participation in information networks

Updated: 9 Dec 2016
Next update: 25 Apr 2022

The purpose of the survey on Use of information and communications technology is to produce data about ICT usage in households and by individuals. The data are used for the development projects of Finnish information society and for compiling pan-European information society indicators.


The Internet is most commonly used for everyday errands, information search, communication and following the media. Eighty-one per cent of persons aged 16 to 89 had used online banking in the last three months in 2016. Seventy-nine per cent had used email and as many had searched the net for information about products and services. Information was also generally sought on the websites of authorities and other public services (72%). The most common web media were online papers and news pages of TV channels, which had been read by 74 per cent.

The popularity of social network services continued to grow in 2016 in all age groups except for those aged 16 to 24. Fifty-six per cent of the population aged 16 to 89 had followed social network services in the past three months. The share grew by three percentage points from the year before. In the 16 to 24 age group, the share of those following social network services fell by four percentage points to 89 per cent.

Twelve per cent of Finns aged 16 to 89 had rented accommodation from a private person online during the past year. Nine per cent had rented accommodation through accommodation agency services and four per cent through social media services or other websites. Renting of private accommodation was most common in the 35 to 44 age group. Only four per cent of Finns had acquired transportation offered by private persons on the web.