Road traffic accidents

Updated: 19 Jan 2021
Next update: 19 Jan 2022

The indicator includes road traffic accidents involving personal injury known to police and reported by police to Statistics Finland.

Road traffic accident is an event having lead to personal injury or damage to property that has taken place in an area intended for public transport or generally used for transport and in which at least one of the involved parties has been a moving vehicle. In addition to the vehicles specified in the Road Traffic Act, such party can also be a tram and in level crossing accidents a train. The falling down of a pedestrian is not a traffic accident, but that of a rider of a bicycle (= vehicle) is.


A total of 211 persons died in road traffic accidents in 2019

According to Statistics Finland, 4,002 road traffic accidents involving personal injury occurred in 2019. In them, 211 persons were killed and 5,013 injured. Eight per cent of the injured, or 390 persons, were injured seriously. In 2019, the number of deaths was one person higher and that of injured persons 290 fewer than in 207. Seventy-eight per cent of those having died and 59 per cent of injured were men.

*Preliminary annual data are updated monthly until they are final after two years.