Development co-operation

Updated: 11 Oct 2017
Next update: 18 Oct 2018


Official Development Aid disbursement figures: Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Department for Development Policy

Gross National Income: Statistics Finland

Development policy is an important part of Finland's foreign and security policy. Development cooperation is one means to implement the policy. Development cooperation provides millions of people with a chance for a better life.


In 2016, Finland used EUR 956 million for development cooperation.This accounted for 0.44 per cent of gross national income. In 2015, the share was 0,55 of GDI.

Altogether, appropriations countable as development cooperation decreased from the previous year by 18 per cent. The exclusive ODA (official development assistance) administered by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs fell by 35 per cent. In percentage terms, the greatest decreases in this occurred in multilateral cooperation assistance (-59%) and support for CSOs (-39%). The share of humanitarian aid out of all exclusive ODA increased to 14 per cent.

Other public development cooperation disbursements rose by 50 per cent. In 2016, costs arising from the reception of refugees, included in development cooperation funding, came to EUR 118 million, which represented approximately 12 per cent of Finland’s total disbursements for development cooperation.