Development co-operation

Updated: 15 Oct 2018
Next update: 26 Apr 2019


Official Development Aid disbursement figures: Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Department for Development Policy

Gross National Income: Statistics Finland

Development policy is an important part of Finland's foreign and security policy. Development cooperation is one means to implement the policy. Development cooperation provides millions of people with a chance for a better life.


In 2017, Finland's development cooperation appropriations amounted to EUR 935 million. This represented 0.41 per cent of Finland's gross national income (GNI). The official development assistance (ODA) administered by the Foreign Ministry was EUR 565 million.

Both the amount of expenditure used for development cooperation and the proportion of GNI of this expenditure dropped in relation to the previous year. This means that 2017 saw a drop of EUR 21 million from 2016. The proportion of GNI decreased from 0.44 per cent to 0.41 per cent.

The amount covered by development cooperation appropriations for the reception of refugees was EUR 69 million, which was down by 42 per cent on the previous year. The total amount of disbursements increased by EUR 68 million from the previous year due to development policy investments included in development cooperation funding.