Goods transport by road 

Updated: 21.3.2018 - Next update: 20.6.2018

Volume of goods transported by lorries decreased in the fourth quarter of 2017

The total transport volume of lorries amounted to 6.7 billion tonne-kilometres in the fourth quarter of 2017, which was six per cent lower than in the corresponding quarter of the year before. Ninety-four per cent of the transport volume was transported in professional transport and six per cent in private transport.

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Statistics Finland / Goods transport by road

Description of indicator

The statistics on domestic goods transport by road describe the domestic transport activity of lorries registered in Finland for both private and licensed transport. Licensed transport means the transportation of people or goods against a fee (for hire or reward). Practising of the transportation is subject to a permission from a licensing authority.

National road transport means road transport between two places (a place of loading/embarkation and a place of unloading/disembarkation) located in Finland with vehicles registered in Finland for private and licensed transport (for hire or reward). The trip may include transit in the area of another country.

Tonne-kilometre describes the volume of transport, and is obtained as a product of transported volume of goods (tonnes) and length of transport journey (kilometres).