Part-time and fixed-term employment

Updated: 4 Mar 2021
Next update: 4 Mar 2022

Employees or self-employed persons who report they work part-time in their main job are classified as part-time workers. The definition is not based on any hour limits, but on the respondent's own idea of the work being part-time.

Employees with an employment contract for a fixed term, for a trial period, or for carrying out certain tasks are considered as being in temporary employment.


Part-time work decreased for women, full-time work decreased for men

In 2020, the number of employees in full-time work was 1,861,000, which is almost the same as in the year before. The number of employees in part-time work was 327,000, which is 29,000 fewer than in 2019. There were 12,000 fewer men and 9,000 more women in full-time work than in the year before. In 2020, twenty per cent of female employees worked part-time, or 218,000 persons, and 10 per cent of male employees, or 110,000 persons. For men, the share of persons working part-time of all employees remained almost the same as in 2019. For women, the share working part-time of all employees fell by two percentage points. The share of employees working part-time was highest in accommodation and food service activities (I), 40 per cent.