Mobile subscriptions

Updated: 12 Mar 2021
Next update: 8 Oct 2021

The number of mobile subscriptions contains all the subscriptions acquired by households and companies, excluding such subscriptions that have been sold to be used only in so-called Machine-to-Machine use (M2M).

Mobile data-transfer subscriptions can be divided into different kinds of subscriptions, according to subscription agreements. In the statistics, subscriptions have been classified into mobile broadbands and into other subscriptions. Mobile broadband subscription refers to either 1) all mobile data subscriptions productised by a company for data transfer. Some of these subscriptions can technically be used for telephony (calls, including VoLTE/SMS/MMS) but they have been sold for data-only use. Or to 2) all subscriptions productised for telephony and data transfer. The subscriptions include data transmission services that are subject a monthly fee and they can be used for traditional telephony (calls, including VoLTE/SMS/MMS) that are subject to a subscription-specific pricing scheme.

From 2H2017 onwards, prepaid subscriptions that have been used for data transfer are included to mobile broadbands.


At the end of December 2020, there were 9.2 million mobile subscriptions in Finland. The number has remained stable. Of them, 2.1 million subscription had only data transfer services (data-only) and 620 000 had only voice services.

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