Mobile data transmission volume

Updated: 5 Oct 2018
Next update: 1 Mar 2019

The data is collected bi-annually. The data transfer volume in the mobile network has been reported in gibibytes (1 GiB ~ 1.1 gigabytes GB) during the time periods of 1 January to 30 June and 1 July to 31 December according to results.

The data transferred in the mobile network includes the packet switched data traffic sent from or received to telecommunications operators' mobile subscriptions at a given time. The volume contains both the traffic the user has sent (uploaded) and the traffic the user has received (downloaded).


In the first half of 2018, the growth of data volumes in the mobile network slowed down to 15 per cent compared to the previous half-year. Finns used an average of 28 gibibytes of mobile data per month in January-June.

Compared to year-end 2017, voice+data subscribers used around 20 per cent more data (11 GiB/month) and data-only subscribers ten per cent more (38 GiB/month) data.

Along with the update 1H 2018, the data volumes have been calculated uniformly using the binary system (1 GiB ~ 1.1 gigabytes GB).

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