Offences against the Penal Code

Updated: 8 May 2018
Next update: 6 Jun 2019

The statistics on offences known to the police describe the regional distribution of offences and activities of the police. The statistics contain data on the types and numbers of detected offences. In addition, they examine the numbers of offences investigated and solved by the police, proportions of solved offences by type of offence and cases where reporting has been found ungrounded.

This figure indicates how many per cent of all offences which become known during a statistical year consist of offences solved. Therefore the figure may be higher than 100.


Share of young people suspected of offences against property declining

According to Statistics Finland's data, a total of 861,900 offences were recorded in 2017 by the police, customs and border guard in the whole country, which is 38,500 offences (4.7 per cent) more than one year before. In all, 669,900 persons were suspected of the 644,500 offences and infractions solved in 2017. The largest group of persons suspected of offences against property were those aged 30 to 39. The increase in the share of persons aged 50 or over is at least partially explained by the growth in the age group.