Attendance to cultural events

Updated: 17 Sep 2019
Next update: 1 Jan 2025

The Leisure Survey is an inquiry that examines the population's leisure activities and social participation, their development and participation of different population groups. The survey also produces information on the ratio between work and leisure, social relationships and importance attached to different spheres of life. The Leisure Survey has been conducted in 1977, 1981, 1991, 2002 and 2017.


Attending of cultural events is popular

In 2017, altogether 83 per cent of the population aged 10 or over had attended at least one cultural event. The share was the same as in 2009. Cultural events include movies, concerts, theatre, art museums, art exhibitions, other museums, dance performances and opera. Movies and concerts were the most popular cultural events. Going to the opera is still clearly the most uncommon form of cultural participation.

Women attend cultural events more frequently than men: 86 per cent of women and 81 per cent of men had attended some cultural event. Attending a cultural event was most common among children. Upper-level employees attend cultural events more than people in other socio-economic groups.