Speeds for fixed broadband subscriptions

Updated: 16 Apr 2018
Next update: 5 Oct 2018

The number of fixed-line subscriptions contains all the subscriptions acquired by households and companies. In the statistics, fixed-line broadband subscriptions cover all the broadband subscriptions that have been implemented otherwise than through a mobile network, i.e. also subscriptions using radio technology.

All fixed-line subscriptions have been classified according to their nominal data transfer speed. Data transfer speed means here data transfer speed defined by the telecommunications operator from the network to the user.


The number of fixed broadband subscriptions has remained stable for a while now, while transmission speeds have gone up.

Connections with a download speed of 100 Mbps or more made up 32 per cent of all broadband subscriptions, while only 6 per cent boasted a similar upload speed. More than half of all connections had an upload speed of less than 10 Mbps. The upload speed is of key importance for example for cloud services and video conferencing.

More statistics related to telephone and broadband services as well as further information on the development of these can be found on FICORA's statistics pages.