Consumer Confidence

Updated: 27 Oct 2020
Next update: 27 Nov 2020

The Consumer Confidence is a telephone interview survey by means of which it is possible to measure Finns’ images of the general economic development and the financial situation of one's own household and intentions to make major purchases, save money or take out a loan.

The consumer confidence indicator is the average of the balance figures for the CCI components. The balance figures and the confidence indicator can range between -100 and +100 – the higher (positive) balance figure, the brighter the view on the economy.


Consumer confidence continued to erode in October

The consumer confidence indicator (CCI) stood at -6.9 in October, having been -5.9 in September and -5.1 in August. In last years October the CCI received the value -6.6. The long-term average for the CCI is -1.8. The data are based on Statistics Finlands Consumer Confidence Survey, to which 1,181 persons resident in Finland responded between 1 and 19 October.

Of the four components of the CCI, views concerning the present state of consumers own economy and also on spending money on durable goods within one year improved slightly in October from September. Consumers' expectations concerning their own economy in 12 months remained more or less unchanged, while their expectations concerning Finland's economy in the near future still weakened clearly. Compared with the corresponding period last year, the components of the CCI turned slightly for the worse in October apart from intentions to spend money.

In October, consumers' views on Finland's economic development were gloomy. Expectations concerning ones own economy in the near future were subdued but estimates of its present state were already fairly bright. Consumers had slightly more intentions of spending money on durable goods than average in October.

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