Grain crop

Updated: 22 Nov 2018
Next update: 29 Mar 2019

Luke collects crop production information from approximately 6,200 farms, of which 660 are organic farms, using telephone interviews and an online service. The preliminary statistics include information from approximately 4,800 farms. The information will be reported as final in March 2019, when the confirmed data supplied by farms included in the sample will become available for the calculation of harvest volumes.


Grain harvest as small as 20 years ago

According to Natural Resources Institute Finland’s (Luke) data, the grain harvest remained at around 2.7 million tons in 2018. The grain harvest mainly consists of Finland's primary feed grains, barley (1.3 million tons) and oats (0.8 million tons). The harvest for all grains dropped, i.e. barley, oats, wheat and rye dropped by around 9, 19, 38 and 64 per cent, respectively.

Self-sufficiency in rye returning

The rye crop of 41 000 tons is not sufficient to cover consumption of approximately 100 000 tons for one year ahead. In the 2000s, the rye crop has only covered annual domestic demand three times.