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Updated: 29.3.2017 - Next update: 29.3.2018

Finns' travel to Sweden and Spain increased in 2016

According to Statistics Finland's survey, Finnish residents made good eight million different leisure trips abroad in 2016. Trips to the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe and the American continent increased their popularity. Western Europe and Asia lost some of their appeal among Finnish tourists. Among Southern European countries, western Mediterranean countries gained and eastern Mediterranean countries lost in popularity. The number of domestic leisure trips was 26 million. Business trips both in Finland and abroad increased from the previous year.

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Description of indicator

The Finnish Travel Survey contains information on trips made by Finnish residents and on persons having travelled. The survey describes domestic and outbound trips with overnight stays and same-day trips abroad.

The data collection methods of the survey were changed in 2000, 2010 and 2012. Figures prior to the break in the time series are not fully comparable with newer ones.

The data for 1991-2011 apply to Finns aged 15 to 74 and from 2012 onwards to those aged 15 to 84.

The sums do not always amount to the totals shown because of rounding.

Domestic trips are classified into leisure trips with paid accommodation, trips to own free-time residences and business and professional trips.

Outbound trips are classified into leisure trips involving overnighting in destination country, cruises, same-day visits, and business and professional visits.