Mobile data transmission volume 

Updated: 19.5.2017 - Next update: 3.11.2017

Recent sectoral data published by FICORA indicates that the growth rate of mobile data seems to have already peaked even though the annual increase was still 69 per cent. The increasing popularity of mobile subscriptions with unlimited data transfer contributes to the growing volume of data transfer. The volume of data transferred over mobile networks grew by 69 per cent in 2016. An average Finn transferred up to 16 gigabytes of mobile data per month. In 2016, up to 61 per cent of mobile subscriptions provided unlimited access to broadband for a fixed monthly fee.

More statistics related to telephone and broadband services as well as further information on the development of these can be found on FICORA's statistics pages.

Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority

Description of indicator

The data is collected bi-annually. The data transfer volume in the mobile network has been reported in terabytes, i.e. in thousands gigabytes during the time periods of 1 January to 30 June and 1 July to 31 December according to results.

The data transferred in the mobile network includes the packet switched data traffic sent from or received to telecommunications operators' mobile subscriptions at a given time. The volume contains both the traffic the user has sent (uploaded) and the traffic the user has received (downloaded).