Speeds for fixed broadband subscriptions 

Updated: 19.5.2017 - Next update: 3.11.2017

Number of fixed broadband subscriptions remains stable. There were 1.71 million fixed broadband subscriptions in Finland at the end of 2016 representing a decrease of roughly one per cent compared to the previous year. The penetration of modern broadband technologies grew steadily and the number of subscriptions using mainly fibre optics increased. Connections are also faster than one year ago and 28 per cent of all fixed broadband subscriptions already had a connection speed of over 100 Mbps.

More statistics related to telephone and broadband services as well as further information on the development of these can be found on FICORA's statistics pages.

Finnish Communication Regulatory Authority FICORA

Description of indicator

The number of fixed-line subscriptions contains all the subscriptions acquired by households and companies. In the statistics, fixed-line broadband subscriptions cover all the broadband subscriptions that have been implemented otherwise than through a mobile network, i.e. also subscriptions using radio technology.

All fixed-line subscriptions have been classified according to their nominal data transfer speed. Data transfer speed means here data transfer speed defined by the telecommunications operator from the network to the user.