At-risk-of-poverty rate 

Updated: 21.12.2016 - Next update: 21.12.2017

Number of persons at risk of poverty 631,000 in 2015

Statistics Finland's income distribution statistics indicate that the number of persons belonging to households at risk of poverty was 631,000 in 2015. This is around 43,000 fewer persons than in the year before. The share of persons at risk of poverty in the household population was 11.7 per cent, having been 12.5 per cent one year earlier.

The number of persons at risk of poverty has been declining since 2010 and the number has been below 700,000 since 2012. The at-risk-of-poverty threshold for a one-person household was EUR 14,230 in 2015, that is, around EUR 1,185 per month, while in the year before, it was EUR 14,270 or EUR 1,190 per month. Persons at risk of poverty describe the relative income differentials of medium-income and low-income groups, so the development of persons at-risk-of-poverty depends not only on the income development of low-income households, but also on the development of median income. Persons are classified as being at-risk-of-poverty when the household's disposable monetary income per consumption unit 1) is below 60 per cent of the national median income.

Statistics Finland / Income distribution statistics

Description of indicator

Low-income earners (persons at risk of poverty) are considered those whose household's total disposable money income per consumption unit (so-called equivalent income) is lower than 60 per cent of the equivalent median income of all households. The proportion of those below this income threshold is called at-risk-of-poverty rate. The euro-denominated threshold for low income varies by year.