Globalisation of entrepreneurship 

Updated: 16.12.2016 - Next update: 18.12.2017

Swedish enterprises are the most significant foreign-owned non-financial corporations in Finland

According to Statistics Finland's data, the total turnover of foreign enterprises located in Finland was EUR 86 billion in 2015. Compared with the year before the turnover did not change much. Enterprises from Sweden, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom had the most turnover. Among industries, in turn, most turnover was generated by manufacturing of which 29 per cent in enterprises from the United States. The number of foreign enterprises in Finland was 4,427.

Foreign enterprises cover nearly 23 per cent of the turnover of enterprises operating in Finland. The share has not changed much compared to the previous year. Personnel has also stabilised to the level of 16 to 17 per cent. However, the shares vary considerably by industry. In the main industries, the shares of turnover and personnel vary between five and 45 per cent. Relative to the total enterprise stock, foreign enterprises in Finland generating most turnover represent the industry of information and communication and mining and quarrying. . The picture is slightly different if you look at the number of personnel and turnover instead of the shares. Measured in this way, the most significant industries are manufacturing, and wholesale trade and retail trade. Manufacturing employed 72,200 persons, or nearly one-third of employees in foreign enterprises and its turnover was nearly EUR 33 billion. Wholesale trade and retail trade employed 49,910 persons and its turnover amounted to EUR 27 billion.

The nationality of an enterprise is recorded based on the institutional unit that controls it. Usually this is an enterprise located abroad that owns over 50 per cent of the enterprise, either directly or indirectly. Swedish enterprises clearly own the largest share of the affiliates located in Finland. Swedish enterprises also employ most among the foreign affiliates, 73,660 persons. Also measured by turnover, Swedish enterprises are most noteworthy with EUR 17 billion.

Statistics Finland / Foreign affiliates in Finland

Description of indicator

The statistics on foreign affiliates in Finland describe the activities of foreign affiliates located in Finland. The data can be used to assess the global networking of enterprises, which is a part of the globalisation process. In addition, the data are used when describing the ownership structure of enterprises operating in Finland and assessing their attractiveness to foreign enterprises or other institutions. The statistics are based on Regulation (EC) No 716/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Statistics Finland has renewed its production of business statistics. The data of the statistics on foreign affiliates in Finland in 2013 are, therefore, not comparable with the previous releases of the same statistics. The main changes related to the Standard Industrial Classification, harmonisation of business data (e.g. turnover and personnel data) and enterprise reorganisations, as well as deduction rules, with which the enterprise of establishment group of the statistics is formed.