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Updated: 24.2.2016 - Next update: 24.11.2016

Record-breaking winter grain harvests – self-sufficiency in rye

The grain and potato harvests remained one tenth smaller than last year, but winter wheat and rye yielded record-breaking harvests. The harvests of peas and broad beans were also the largest in years.

The grain harvest (3.7 billion kg) was the smallest in three years, which is partly due to about a five-per cent reduction in the cultivation area. Another almost similar drop in the yield of threshed grain was caused by the record-breaking cereal area used for crops harvested green, as one tenth of the overall cereal area was harvested green for feeding domestic animals.

Even though, at farm level, more farms suffered from total crop failure than usual, at the national level the per-hectare yield of rye (3,500 kg) remained only slightly smaller than usual. Other spring grains, oat and spring wheat, had normal yields per hectare.

  Record-breaking rye and winter wheat harvests

The per-hectare yields of winter grains, or winter rye and wheat, were at a record high at the national level. When the areas sown in the autumn were also larger than usual, the winter wheat harvest was the second largest during the recorded crop history of hundred years, and the rye harvest the largest in 15 years.

The large rye harvest of approximately 108 million kg guarantees sufficient domestic supply of bread rye for the next year for the first time in 15 years.


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The harvest statistics are based on information provided by farmers. The information has been compiled from about 6,600 farmers through an online service and phone interviews.